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The future calls for banks that are sustainable in as many ways as possible. Enjoy benefits that help you save time, money and CO2. All with the safety and security of a true bank.

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Last synced on Apr 18, 2024
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Bunq is a digitally-native mobile bank, hailing from the Netherlands, that caters to modern consumers and businesses looking for an alternative to traditional banking institutions. Positioned as a 'Bank of The Free', Bunq focuses on providing a user-centric banking experience with a strong emphasis on innovation and customer freedom.

With functionality that spans across everyday banking to savings and investments, Bunq allows users to set up multiple bank accounts, each with its own IBAN, enabling them to manage personal, business, and savings funds separately. Users can participate in real-time payments within the Eurozone thanks to its support for SEPA Instant Payments.

Moreover, Bunq places a significant emphasis on sustainability, offering features like 'Green Cards' which contribute to tree-planting initiatives based on customer spending. Security features, such as advanced encryption and biometric authentication, protect users' financial data, while the user-friendly app interface enables clients to have full control over their financial transactions, card settings, and budgeting. The platform also provides international travel support with competitive exchange rates and global acceptance of their debit and credit cards.

A distinguishing characteristic of Bunq is its commitment to transparency and community involvement. The bank has features like 'Together', a platform where users can vote on product features and engage with the Bunq community, emphasizing a collective approach to banking development. With a modern approach to banking, Bunq seeks to align financial technology with the evolving needs and values of contemporary users.

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