Bye Bye jmpstrt... Hello Neolista!

Neolista emerges as a rebranded, globally inclusive fintech directory with a sleek, minimalistic design, now offering a user-centric, ad-free experience and expanded language support. Join us at as we connect you to a world of neobanks, neobrokers, and money transfer services, and help us elevate your financial journey in 2024.

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Two years ago, embarked on a journey to simplify financial life for Europeans by listing the continent’s neobanks in one user-friendly directory. Our mission was to illuminate the path to modern banking, offering a springboard for consumers to jumpstart their financial adventures.

Fast-forward to now, and the landscape has changed drastically. Our once small side project has mushroomed into a hub for fintech enthusiasts and institutions alike. With immense traction and growing demand reaching from the cozy streets of Paris to the bustling markets of São Paulo, it became clear—we needed a brand that resonates with our global vision.

Introducing Neolista

Neolista is not just a new name; it's a renewed promise to bring you the most comprehensive guide to neobanks, neobrokers, and money transfer services around the globe. But why stop at the name? We're excited to announce that our home on the internet has also been upgraded to—your agora of fintech exploration.

Your experience on our platform is paramount. As we usher in a new era with Neolista, we are also unveiling a fresh, minimalistic theme. The vibrant green that characterized has given way to a serene blue—a symbol of our commitment to being not just a directory but a trusted, cool-headed partner in your financial decision-making.

Nurturing Neolista means cultivating a platform that grows with you. Scalability is our new watchword, setting the stage for more languages and content. We've already spanned English, Dutch, French, German, and Spanish, and now we're excited to embrace Portuguese and Italian-speaking communities.

Display Ads? Not anymore

We started with a necessity—display ads—but we've grown beyond the crutch of ad revenue. We've listened to your feedback, and in our rebranding, user experience has decisively triumphed. Wave goodbye to pesky ads and hello to uncluttered, quality content, linking you directly to the fintech services you seek.

Affiliate commissions have long been our lifeline, allowing us to serve you sincerely without the distraction of ads. That commitment stands stronger than ever with Neolista. Our purpose remains to empower you with choice and clarity, and your trust is the very currency we value the most.

Bear with us, grow with us

Rolling out a transformation of this scale is no small feat, and while we're doing our utmost to ensure a smooth transition, growing pains are inevitable. You may encounter rogue bugs, like broken redirects, missing images, or translation hiccups. As we said, this is just the start; we're smoothing out the edges while you read this.

We stand open to your support and feedback. Got a bug to report or a suggestion to share? Our contact page is your direct line to our team, who more than appreciates your engagement.

Here’s to Making 2024 Exceptional!

Neolista is more than just a rebrand; it's a growth spurt, a global handshake, a new dawn for fintech connectivity. As we step into this exciting chapter, we extend a heart-felt thank you for journeying with us. Let's make 2024 a landmark year for seamless financial discovery, together.

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Not all providers are actual banks
Please note that the terms 'app-based bank,' 'neobank,' 'challenger bank,' and 'mobile bank' are sometimes used interchangeably. It's important to note that not all providers offering these services may be licensed banks. Before opening an account, be sure to research the provider's regulatory status to ensure it offers the protections and features you expect from a traditional bank.

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